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Premises Liability Claims in Alaska

What is premises liability?

Have you been injured in an accident that occurred on someone else's property? If you have, then you may be able to receive compensation through a premises liability claim. Premises liability means that the accident was the fault of a negligent property owner or other individual who was responsible for maintaining the safety of the property, but was negligent and failed to do so. Common cases for premises liability include slip and fall accidents, negligent security, and animal attacks.

Cases for Premises Liability Compensation

Slips and falls are the most common cases for premises liability and can occur when slippery spills, trip hazards, lack of safety railings, uneven walkways, and other hazards are not taken care of right away. An innocent person could also suffer injury in a violent crime due to negligent security. Animal attacks and dog bites are also a form of premises liability, since pets are the property of their owners, who are therefore responsible for any injuries that their pets cause in an attack. Contact an Alaska personal injury lawyer from the offices of Johnson Beard & Trueb, PC right away if you have been injured in any such accident. We can provide skilled representation for any client anywhere in the state.

Consult an Anchorage Personal Injury Attorney

The sooner you speak with a caring and experienced personal injury lawyer, the stronger your case will be. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in damages for cases over the years and are known for their tireless representation. We work relentlessly on your case in order to be the most prepared and stay ahead of the defendant. Your initial case evaluation is absolutely free of charge, so don't wait to get the highest quality representation in the area. Contact our firm today!

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