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Hip & Knee Replacement Claims

Our Proven Alaska Medical Device Attorneys Can Help

Medical science has given us so many incredible and beneficial advances over the last few decades. Of these, hip and knee replacements have kept countless patients with joint issues mobile, independent, and active. However, these joint replacement products need to be up to the highest safety, durability, and sanitary standards to be truly safe for patients. When they are not—and yet are still released and promoted by manufacturers—patients in need are put at tremendous risk.

If you or a loved one has faced medical hardships because of a hip or knee replacement implant, then we invite you to call us at Johnson Beard & Trueb, LLC today. We have seen first-hand what can happen to unwitting patients when medical device manufacturers put their bottom line before the well-being of the people they are supposed to serve. Our dedicated and industry-recognized team has more than four decades of legal experience and is ready to begin diligently pursuing the relief you and your family deserve.

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Dangerous Implant Products

Unfortunately, dangerous complications have been associated with a number of different hip and knee replacement implants among numerous manufacturers. The failings and effects of these devices may vary model to model, but what they all have in common is that they needlessly put patients in danger of serious medical complications. Problems associated with these devices include cobalt and chromium poisoning (metellosis), tissue death (necrosis), infections, bone fractures and osteotomies. The manufacturers and devices listed below have all been associated with adverse effects.

Stryker Corporation, and Howmedica Osteonics Corporation D/B/A Stryker Orthopaedics

  • Stryker Rejuvenate
  • ABG II Hip Implant
  • Scorpio Implant
  • ShapeMatch Cutting Guide / Triathlon Total Knee System

Zimmer Biomet, Biomet, Inc., and Zimmer Holdings, Inc.

  • Durom Acetabular Component
  • NexGen Knee Implant
  • M2a-Magnum
  • Stanmore
  • Exceed ABT
  • Next Generation Complete Knee Solution System a/k/a "NexGen" System
  • NexGen Lateral Posterior Stabilization (LPS)-Flex
  • NexGen Cruciate Retaining (CR)-Flex
  • NexGen Minimally Invasive Solutions (MIS) Tibial Component
  • Gender Solutions Natural Knee Flex System
  • Prolong Articular Surface Products
  • Natural-Knee II Durasul Patella Product

DePuy Synthes, DuPay Orthopaedics, Synthes Orthopaedics, and Johnson & Johnson

  • ASR Hip Resurfacing System
  • ASR XL Acetabular System
  • Pinnacle
  • PFC Sigma Knee System
  • LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve

Wright Medical Technology

  • Conserve
  • Profemur Z Stem
  • Smith & Nephew, PLC
  • R3 Acetabular Hip System Products
  • Oxinium Pro-Fix II
  • Oxinium Genesis II

Corin Group

  • Cormet Hip Resurfacing System

When these joint replacement implants fail, patients can experience fractures, infections, and other debilitating effects that can lead to further reconstructive surgeries and long-term mobility issues. If you or a loved one received one of the products listed above and then later experienced complications, contact our Alaska medical device lawyers today. We are ready to work alongside medical professionals, assess your post-implant hardships, and craft a lawsuit against the manufacturer that appropriately speaks to the pain and suffering their product has caused you.

We are ready to hear your story. Contact to us to request a free case evaluation today.

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