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Burn Injury Lawyer in Alaska

Have you been severely burned in an accident caused by someone else's negligence or recklessness? If so, you deserve to file a personal injury claim against the liable party. Burn injuries often require expensive medical treatment and can leave disfiguring scars that damage a victim's self-confidence. Speak with an Alaska personal injury attorney right away if you are facing such physical and financial damages. Johnson Beard & Trueb, PC has the experience needed to win just compensation.

Severity Levels for Burn Injuries

Burn injuries come in four different degrees of severity. First-degree burns only damage the topmost layer of the skin and, unless they cover a large area, cause little damage to the victim. Second-degree burns, however, can cause blistering, redness, swelling, and severe pain. Infection is a possibility without proper treatment, which means that medical care may be necessary.

Third- and fourth-degree burns are the worst, reaching into the lowest layers of the skin or into the fat, muscle, and even bone of the victim. These burns may require surgery to remove the damaged tissues and, in some cases, replace the tissue through skin-grafting.

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Johnson Beard & Trueb, PC has decades of combined legal experience and has a record for success when it comes to recovering compensation for serious injuries. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts and can recover the compensation you deserve. We serve all of rural Alaska and we are willing to come to you, no matter what it takes, in order to build your case and help you win the settlement or trial verdict that you need to cover your medical bills, emotional trauma, and other damages. We offer a free case evaluation, so don't wait another minute to contact our firm!

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