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Following days of extensive effort, the Coast Guard suspended its search for the F/V DESTINATION and her six crew members. The search was triggered when the Coast Guard received an emergency beacon ...

Four Rescued From FV Lady Gudny

On early Thursday morning, US Coast Guard Kodiak, received notice that the FV Lady Gudny had issues with its fuel filter. Later that morning, the Coast Guard received notice that the FV had exhausted ...
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Six Individuals Rescued before Vessel Overturned

On December 29, 2016, the Coast Guard received an emergency request from a vessel taking on water near Cube Cove. One of the six individual aboard the vessel required emergency evacuation for a head ...
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Search For Two Missing Crew Off Vessel Exito Suspended

On Tuesday, December 8, 2016, USCG received a call at 9:38 p.m. from the owner of the vessel Exito and reported the vessel was sinking and his crew was preparing to abandon the ship. Three of the five ...
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Injured Mariner Rescued in Pybus Bay, Alaska

On December 7, 2016, the Sitka Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued an injured mariner off a fishing vessel in Pybus Bay, 80 miles south of Juneau. The mariner called in a mayday, having suffered a ...
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3 Mariners Rescued near Dutch Harbor

During the evening of December 6, 2016, the 117-foot vessel Exito, owned by Aleutian Endeavors, LLC, sank about 14 miles off the coast of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Nearby vessels and a Coast Guard ...
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Attorney Doug Johnson Named to "10 Best" List by American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys®

Johnson & Combs, PC is pleased to announce that Alaska Personal Injury Attorney Doug Johnson has recently been named to the 2014 "10 Best" list by the American Institute of Personal ...
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Dangerous Alaska Roads & Your Right to Compensation

It appears that within the last week the Seward Highway is proving to live up to its reputation as one of the deadliest highways in Alaska. Sunday afternoon an accident occurred when a truck towing a ...
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Emergency Supply Kit

It seems there is no end to the news of natural disasters reported in various parts of the world. Photos and stories of people affected by such tragedies remind us that it can strike unexpectedly. In ...
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Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Well it is now officially wintertime in Alaska. Unfortunately, one day after the first significant snow fall, Southcentral Alaska had its' first death as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. ...
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Post-Concussion Syndrome

When you are involved in an accident, there are many types of injuries that you could face. Some may be evident immediately after the accident, but some injuries might take more time to come to the ...
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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Law Firm

There are four main issues to research when looking for a personal injury law firm to represent you or your loved one. Not all law firms, or lawyers, are equally experienced, or talented. In searching ...
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A Closer Look at Johnson & Combs, PC

If you are searching for a highly qualified and successful personal injury lawyer in Alaska, take a closer look at Johnson & Combs. The firm has garnered a reputation for hard work, compassion and ...
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Should You Take the Settlement Offer?

When dealing with the insurance companies, it can be a good thing to have a little bit of skepticism. Insurance is supposed to be there when it is needed most, right? The truth is the insurance ...
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Injured on Vacation in Alaska?

When people go on vacation they are usually doing so in the hopes that they will be able to enjoy some time away from their daily routine. Time to relax, spend time with family or loved ones, enjoy a ...
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Dangers of Commercial Fishing and Crabbing

According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, commercial fishing presents one of the most hazardous working environments of any industry or occupation in the United States. ...
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Welcome to Our Alaska Personal Injury Blog!

Johnson & Combs, PC is a personal injury firm that has served Alaska residents for more than 40 years combined. Our firm is dedicated to legal excellence and exceptional client service. We truly ...
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